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TOUGH TESTED Red Centre Tanami+

TOUGH TESTED Red Centre Tanami+

Off-road to the core, this Red Centre Tanami+ couples tourer delivered consistently

The Red Centre Tanami+ enjoyed a great start on our Time Trial Track at the Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park, with Jamie feeling so confident towing it, he began to manually change gears.

Coupled to the Silverado LTZ Premium with a 10-speed automatic gearbox, the Tanami+ held up its end thanks to the 4.4T independent coil-sprung suspension–judging by the footage captured on our chassis cam.

Tough to its core


No doubt the DO35 coupling helped with the articulation. With the strong 6in drawbar and 6in chassis with 2in riser and 12in disc brakes comfortably carrying the light, sturdy 19ft 6in alucomp body through the corners, dust and dales. The frame itself is aluminium to better withstand weathering. There’s also a stone guard and mud flaps up front as well as extensive chequerplating. That includes the two toolboxes, each with a slide-out tray and one with a drawer. Other touches hint at its off-road pedigree like the chassis-mounted battery and the piano hinges on the cabinetry.

Lithium & solar system

Off-the-grid, this off-road couples tourer brings the goods, with a 2000W inverter tapping into the 240Ah of lithium battery power and 510W in solar. The BMPro Odyssey system, 30A MPPT solar controller and 30A battery charger keep those batteries in tip top shape under various situations. And you’ve got excellent control over how you use it too, inside and out, with two Anderson plugs (red and grey) and 12 and 240V points throughout, including points at either side of the queen-size island bed.


Layout smarts

Inside, light pours through the large windows revealing layout smarts, like the clever sink that’s set on an angle providing extra benchtop space. The kitchen window faces camp so you can chat to your mates when prepping meals. There’s so much airflow control within the Red Centre Tanami+, which is a great power saver after a hot day off-the-grid. The L-shape dinette provides room for two to really stretch out.

The concealed washing machine takes up little room in the full rear-width bathroom and is perfectly placed next to the shower after grubby days on the track.

Following Jamie’s confident performance towing the Red Centre Tanami+ on the Time Trial Track, apprentice off-roader Jason Goudie was eager to take the reins.

Although hitting a snag at take-off, Jason demonstrated excellent control of the throttle, decisively picking the lines through the various obstacles beyond his asserted ‘skill level’, surprising our judging team. Jason’s efforts on the water crossing and final stretch of dirt stood out. Though we did hear an audible scrape while guiding the Tanami+ through the wombat holes. Will that loud kiss draw the judges’ ire? And what about that take-off in the beginning?


Challenge                    Penalties         TIME (tot)

TIME TRIAL                                        1:27

TEST TRACK            +00:30s           9:06

Manager Jason Goudie is driving for Red Centre

Jason joined the Red Centre team about 8 years ago and has seen the vans develop and grow over that time. Jason says Red Centre likes to test out their products, which is what brings him here today!

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