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Embarking on a new adventure with the CRX Forerunner range is an invitation to modern-day explorers seeking the ultimate journey of a lifetime. If the monotony of asphalt has left you yearning for semi-off-road excitement, the CRX awaits, ready to conquer corrugations with ease and in impeccable style.

Your path will lead you to Australia’s breathtaking National Parks and captivating scenic spots, all while ensconced in luxury, surrounded by top-tier appliances and a safety net of features.

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The CRX Forerunner boasts an exterior designed for the avid wanderer. Its aluminium cladding, adorned with distinctive decals and sleek, color-coordinated composite panelling, bestows a luxurious aesthetic that will captivate even the most discerning caravan enthusiasts.

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External amenities such as a reverse camera, solar panels, external lights, speakers, picnic table, and a convenient pull-out step enhance your journey, ensuring the vast highways and countless Australian destinations become an extension of your home.

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