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Top-5 cheap Aussie campers

Most buyers these days with $20,000 or less to spend on a camper trailer will head to one of the many showrooms dotted around the country selling one of numerous cut-price imported brands that account for as many as 10,000 camper trailer, hybrid and caravan sales annually.

However, for those on tight budgets who want the reassurance of buying an Aussie-built product, there are a still a few good options available…

It’s hard to believe you can buy a homegrown camper for well under $10,000, but that’s exactly what you can do with Queensland’s Walkabout Campers.

The super-cheap and often brightly coloured tent trailers are hand built by Craig Gall, who has run his Walkabout Campers side business for the past two decades while the rest of the Gall family focus on the more lucrative and high profile Kedron Caravans.

Based on a bare-boned 6×4 galvanised trailer, the Walkabout trailers are little more than a tent and bed on wheels, but stand out for their quality construction including the use of Australian made Defab canvas that’s available in multiple colours and patterns, to appeal to Walkabout’s mostly female clientele.

Craig Gall will stitch a tailor-made top to suit your trailer from $2890, or supply a full camper trailer kit from $4995.

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