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TOUGH TESTED Kokoda Platoon 2

TOUGH TESTED Kokoda Platoon 2

Doubling down!

The Kokoda Platoon 2 powers from behind with Sam at the helm!

Kokoda chose Sam for the Mega Test Track for her strength, passion, wit and pride. Hitting the track for Kokoda twice, this keen rock climber, archer, traveller and photographer is ready to show us what they’re made of

“Oh yeah!” cried Sam Meulman for Kokoda from the sidelines, as Jamie hit the Time Trial Track at the Loveday 4X4 Adventure Park in the ‘Big Chev’ with the Kokoda Platoon 2 on tow.

Indeed, on this first CAOS Tough Tested 2022 obstacle, the luxury couple’s van featuring a full rear-width ensuite sat nicely behind the Silverado Trail Boss, with our coach Jamie describing it as “nicely controlled”.

kokoda platoon 2 low 127

Measuring 8.6m, the Kokoda Platoon 2 rode the Time Trial Track on a 6in chassis on twin axles with the ALKO Enduro Chassis Cross Country Suspension, 15in muddies and DO35 couple doing their job.

Sam’s confident gung-ho start behind the wheel on the Mega Test Track turned to form under Jamie’s tuition. Van cam views demonstrated mastery through the water crossing, though Sam later felt the Platoon 2’s dimensions when she clipped the rear left-hand jerry can holder on the wombat holes.

Self-replenishing off-grid

Equipping a track-ready van, like the Kokoda Platoon 2 with capability off-the-grid makes sense. The Platoon 2 delivers on many fronts with two 95L water tanks providing breathing space, and a grey water tank available as an  option. I do like the tap on the a-frame and the cool storage capacity in that 188L three-way fridge.

kokoda platoon 2 low 135
kokoda platoon 2 low 135

Kokoda runs a capable 12V system that’s big enough to replenish itself, comprising a 340W solar array and 200Ah in deep cycle battery power, managed by the BMPRO Genius 30-35 (lithium setup is optional). Two jerry can holders and twin 9kg gas cylinders augment the 12V power system. And there’s twin spares out in the rear.

Comforts day & night

In the comfort stakes, the Kokoda Platoon 2 rates highly. Large windows, light smokey-grey interior, LED spotlights and a skylight up top brighten the bedroom. And there’s a reverse-cycle air-conditioner for climate control when accessing mains power.

Kokoda services the plush, padded bedhead with individual targeted lighting, book nooks and 12V and 240V power outlets for your devices either side, opposite the Bluetooth-compatible 24in Smart LED LCD TV/DVD.

There’s ample storage within the high gloss cabinetry, including a half-height pantry. The sink and drainer sits within an easy-to-clean laminate near the four-burner cooktop with a grille and oven. Opposite, is a tri-fold table and leatherlike dinette seats drawers near the wheels. A neat, spacious ensuite offering separate shower and toilet facilities at the rear. It’s well lit and ventilated, with a large mirror and the washing machine.

On the Tracks

On the tracks, “it drives like a charm,” says Jamie from behind the wheel of the Silverado Trail Boss while cornering the Time Trial Track on week 1.

Jamie’s confidence, however, didn’t quite translate in the timings compared to our previous two Tough Tested vans from week one.

Nonetheless, Sam’s eager start and ability to maintain focus while taking direction narrowed the gap shaving seconds. But with that wombat hole collision earning Kokoda Platoon 2 a time penalty was it enough to close the gap at this point in the game? Check out the results and see for yourself!


Challenge                     Penalties    TIME (tot)

TIME TRIAL                                    1:30

TEST TRACK              +00:15s      9:00

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