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Jen Mifsud reveals how the Queenslander inspired the inaugural On The Move Vortex Black Edition’s interior.

When you step into the inaugural On The Move Vortex Black Edition don’t be surprised if it pulls at the heartstrings. The interiors, after all, tribute an architecture style that was popular in Australia’s tropics in the 1920s and again during the Post War period.

You can thank On The Move co- owner Jennifer Mifsud for that rush of nostalgia, the designer responsible for its interior.

So what is the Hamptons?

“The Hamptons style [popularised in ‘The Queenslander’ here has many features to make it so appealing,” explains Jen.

A cool, light palette, painted timber trimmings, gabled roofs and ornate fittings define the style; introducing it into a caravan required planning.

“Seeing that I have to take into consideration weights, when designing a caravan I was only able to take main features to incorporate the look I was after.

“The main element is the cabinetry otherwise known as ‘shaker doors’ and the farmhouse sink.”


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