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  • Location: New South Wales, Victoria
  • Condition: New
  • Category: Camper Trailers
  • Category: Off Road Camper Trailers
  • Category: On Road Camper Trailers
  • Make: Trailmaster
  • Model: Utility


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Optional accessories shown in images; Tub Divider & Table

Trailmaster Industries – UTILITY POD


For those who want to the added convenience of a lightweight POD trailer and the benefits of it being able to be towed by a smaller vehicle.

Some of the UTILITY trailer features:

+ A strong and secure POD trailer with 1.75m³ (1750 litres) of covered space offering a vast variety of uses

+ Largest storage in its class with 30% more metric volume capacity than any other POD trailers on the market

+ Hot dip galvanised metal chassis structure for use in any region or condition backed by our 5-year structural warranty

+ 1.7m drawbar for more stable travel…..and more forgiving when reversing!

+ Lightweight trailer construction weighing only 295kg

+ Robust roto-moulded LDPE tub taking loads up to 455kg

+ Adjustable 230kg anchor point tie-down system

+ Exciting range of accessories available to make any job easier or any outing more enjoyable!

+ Aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance and excessive fuel usage

+ Maxxis 205/65R15C commercial load rated tyres

The POD trailer made in Australia, by Australians and for Australians!

Innovative materials used in our POD trailer

Using innovative rotatory moulding technology, the tubs are made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene) which will withstand the toughest environments and will never rust. All our Trailers come with adjustable anchor point tie-downs to help you transport equipment or materials safely; these can be adjusted horizontally to your preference and restrain a load of up to 230kg along any point.

The POD lid is vacuum formed from high-density polyethylene and is mounted to an aluminium frame which ensures strength whilst maintaining lightweight and rust-free usage.

The POD trailer made right here in Australia

All Trailmaster Discovery POD trailers are made in Australia using local industry professionals and suppliers; that’s why we can confidently offer a 5-year structural warranty.

Dimensions & Specifications

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