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TOUGH TESTED NOVA Little Terra Sportz

TOUGH TESTED NOVA Little Terra Sportz

NOVA is a long-standing Tough Tested and Tough Tour contender–and every year they come to us with a van that’s a little bit tougher, a little bit smaller, a little bit smarter. And for the CAOS Tough Tested 2022 programme, NOVA hit its stride with the NOVA Little Terra Sportz, in a body measuring a little over 4m.

Size matters

A couples van with a space saving east-west bed, NOVA pits it to hobbyists whose passions pull them into wilder directions, while providing caravanning comforts like the 174L fridge and full-width rear bathroom for sustained adventures off-road.

Allowing for its full-height dimensions, Jamie Hazelden could still push it harder than its longer contemporaries at the Silverado LTZ Premium’s helm.

It rode nice and high over the wombat holes, too, with the light yet strong ALKO Enduro X suspension in a single-axle configuration underneath, shielded with automotive e-coating.

nova low 10
Nova Terra Sportz

Outdoor cooking

Although caravan-like with a premium, homely finish and that lovely full-width bathroom, the Little Terra Sportz relegates cooking outdoors, appealing to campers, via the small Dometic slide-out kitchen with three gas burners, chopping board and a sink. The cool storage is indoors; at 174L it’s copious for a small full ensuite van, next to the bench and under the microwave for internal meal prepping. The leather lounge is wide enough for two, saving room by forgoing arm rests. Notably, it’s caravan wide, not hybrid wide, so the interior feels pretty spacious without the kitchen and the internal storage is good.

The bathroom is a beauty for a compact van with an easy-to-clean fibreglass shower at one end, a toilet with a ceramic bowl at the other, and a ceramic vanity and large mirror in between. That shower is served well supported with 190L/95L in freshwater/grey water storage. Indeed, off-grid capability is decent with twin 100Ah lithium batteries, 340W of solar managed with the Projecta BMS. The Little Terra Sportz also comes with WiFi booster, 24in TV, multidirectional aerial and a comprehensive sound system. The external shower keeps muddy adventures outdoors with a dust reduction system also helping to keep the interior clean. A Houghton Belaire 3400 and twin Sirocco fans boost climate comforts inside.

nova low 11
nova low 11

On the tracks

Jamie Hazelden posted a good time towing the NOVA Little Terra Sportz on the Time Trial Track, comparable to our camper trailer class. Now, it was off-road apprentice Nick Daniels’ turn. New to the off-road scene, Nick tackled the first three obstacles brilliantly with the Little Terra Sportz behaving well. Things got trickier on the soft sand, where a loss of momentum planted the Premium and Little Terra Sportz. With Monday experts circling, Nick had no choice but to back out. Take two went smoother but what of the lost time? Could he make up for lost ground?

DRIVER INFO: Nick Daniels

With 10 years on the ‘sales circuit’, Nick now based at Adelaide Custom Caravans has towed vans Australia-wide. But now he’s excited to venture off-road in a compact single-axle for NOVA–let’s see how he goes!

Challenge                                 Penalties          TIME (tot)

TIME TRIAL                                                      1:16

TEST TRACK                          +00:30s            9:19


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