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TOUGH TESTED Goldstream RV Lowrider Panther

TOUGH TESTED Goldstream RV Lowrider Panther

Goldstream RV kicks off episode 3 with a shake down, with the Lowrider Panther setting a new pace across the board

Jamie Hazelden, expert driver from the Offroad Adventure Show, is putting the Goldstream RV’s premium off-road RV 1760 RE CD Lowrider Panther to the test on the CAOS Tough Tested 2022 testing grounds. This van is an ideal setup for the couple who like big things in small packages and it will even handle the rough stuff with ease. This little van aced it on both the Time Trial Track and the Mega Test Track and scored top marks ranking it number one thus far.

Easy to tow

Sitting very nicely behind the mighty Chevy Silverado LTZ Premium coupled by a DO35 hitch and with a Tare of 1995kg and an ATM of 2595kg, this little unit can take a good size payload and still stay light. It proved to handle the fast turns of the dusty Time Trial Track extremely well. Greatly advantaged by its lower centre of gravity and the tough and reliable Cruisemaster XT suspension system, this all came together to get it around the track in a blistering 1 minute and 17 seconds. Making it the fastest of all the caravans so far.

Goldstream RV

Next was The Mega Track with Mitch Damyon from Goldstream behind the wheel of the Silverado LT Trailer Boss, under the guidance of expert driver Jamie of course.

The lightweight champion glided through the challenges and made driving the soft sand look like a Sunday drive, not only impressing the judges, Macca and Angie, but it made it the fastest caravan so far, once again.

Solid base

If you ever decide to put one through this sort of driving yourself, you can rest assured it will get through in one piece thanks to its chassis of G&S Duragal steel 6×2 main members and A-frame, with 12in brakes helping it pull up to a stop.

When you do pull up for the night you will be thankful it’s equipped with a dust suppression system using the ARL pressure fan hatch. There is also protection up front in the form of stone guards. Off grid comfort for extended periods of time is made possible by the 2 x 95ltr

water tanks and grey water tank, two 9kg gas bottles, two jerry can holders, a BMPro35 HA BMS with DC-C mini boost charger and two 135W solar panels.

Thoughtful dimensions

The inside layout of the van is spacious, with a queen island bed. It has cafe-style seats with a tri- fold table, four-burner cooktop and grill. The ensuite is in the rear with a separate shower and toilet, it also includes a vanity and external shower and a gas endless instant hot water system to help you clean and relax after a day on the road.

When it’s time to hit the road, having the pop top roof gives this caravan much lower drag. This assists in easier towing, better fuel efficiency and less hassle to stow away, with its overall height being only 2250mm.

Goldstream RV Panther

On the Tracks

Jamie sure showed us size can matter, posting new top speeds with compact Goldstream RV Panther on the Time Trial Track kicking off episode 3 with a bang.

Around-oz lapper Mitch capitalised that lead on the Mega Test Track, setting a good pace, taking on feedback and maintaining confident calm.

Indeed, Mitch’s familiarity with the Panthers’ dimensions paid dividends notably on the soft sand on the final climb. He picked nice lines on the wombat holes but Macca and Angie worried for the grey water tank and battery box. Was there contact? Yes? No? Watch the footage to find out!

Goldstream Panther


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