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TOUGH TESTED Ezytrail 16 Quad

TOUGH TESTED Ezytrail 16 Quad

TOUGH TESTED Ezytrail 16 Quad

The Ezytrail Winton 16 Quad hits the tracks, with a financially friendly, fun family formula of features

Out on the track, under the tutelage of Jamie Hazelden, driver Con Kiskiras showed the four-berth family-spec Ezytrail Winton’s relaxed prowess behind the big Chev. Con happily admitted he’s a first-timer at this type of driving which reinforces the ease with which the Winton tows. Jamie backed up that performance by hitting the time trial hard with the Winton/Chevrolet combo, stopping the clock with a 1.26 and setting the pace for our Week 2 contenders.

ezytrail winton 16 low 19
ezytrail winton 16 low 19

Stopwatches aside, it seems in the past decade or so, ‘traditional’ family caravanners have been overlooked due to the explosion in caravanning popularity for silver gypsies/grey nomads/retirees and–at the other end of the market–the popularity of tent-based camper trailers for travelling families.

Off-road pedigree

Well, the Ezytrail Winton 16 Quad begs for your attention. Ezytrail has a heritage that includes camper trailers, so the company knows a thing or two about space efficiency. With a bit of clever thinking, this four-bed unit manages to provide what a family requires for comfortable remote traveling into a sensibly sized package that isn’t too heavy on the towbar, or the hip pocket.

Making the most of the available space is the convertible layout–the upper kid’s bunk (both bunks are mid-van along the offside wall) lifts for headroom and the lower bunk area converts to a dining table area. The main/double bed across the front of the van is also of course a day lounge. In the back corner opposite the mid-rear door is the ensuite–toilet and shower–which will be a boon for hosing-off grubby adventurous kids.

ezytrail winton 16 low 30
ezytrail winton 16 low 30

Tough yet fun

The kitchen has the basics covered well. The furniture’s light and bright surface finishes add to the feeling of spaciousness.  

Outside, it has a funky style, with the body’s edge cappings and a splash of colour doing a good job of breaking up the expanses of, and adding some sizzle to the appearance without over-doing things.

These days, it’s refreshing to see a touring caravan using an old-school bush tough beam/live axle. It seems the traditional but important attributes of simplicity, durability and serviceability are things that have been overlooked a bit in the past decade, too! The spare wheel is carried low, though, under the rear of the chassis.

On the Tracks

Jamie easily managed the single-axle Winton 16 on the Time Trial Track, posting his fastest time for our Week 2 track-day with Macca joining in on the side. But our off-road expert felt wary on the passenger side, when Con ‘Conno’ Kiskiras, filling in for Ezytrail, broached the water crossing at speed. The result? A time-wasting water wall befitting a snorkel. Lessons were learned, with Conno navigating the wombat holes strategically. He even made up time on the straight and hill climb despite a loss of momentum on sand at the newly-minted Conno’s Corner. Conno certainly up-skilled on the go but was it enough?

Driver profile

Tough Tested crew member, Con ‘Conno’ Kiskiras is driving the Winton 16 Quad for Ezytail. Conno takes good care of our test vans out on the roads. But this year, we’ve asked him to take it up a notch hitting new challenges on the Mega Test Track.


Challenge                    Penalties         TIME (tot)

TIME TRIAL                                        1:26

TEST TRACK            +00:15s           9:30


Ezytrail Winton 16 Quad





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