Mobile Resorting With The Sunland Patriot

A reliable chassis with a 20 year warranty, leather finished interiors, and all the bells, whistles, and space that you could ask for, its no wonder that the Sunland Patriot is one of 2018’s Best of the Best!

This model comes with imported Italian leather finish. This van has got the option where the dinette goes down the bed so on an occasion where you want to take your grand kids with you, there is a bed down there for them. It has a big ensuite, nice big shower, nice big fridge and a lovely queen size bed. There is a nice kitchen in the van and a 32″ TV for your entertainment.

What is important about Sunland vans is the engineering that goes underneath the van. This van has a purpose built aluminium chassis which is very strong and is backed by 20 years warranty.

To know more about this van, visit their website:

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