Adria’s New Model Vans

Macca caught up with Robert from Apollo RV to talk about a couple of the new Adria vans.

Robert is talking about two of their latest models being showcased  here. The first one is the Adria 472 PK which is the light weight family European van and the second is the Adria Campervan 600 SP twin which was a highly awaited model.

The European stuff has been very popular for sometime with the composite panelling, light weight and most small cars can tow them.

This Adrian Campervan is an eye catching pack and has a fold up rear bed section at the back. Couples can store their push bikes at the back and head out for a trail. The best feature is that even with the bed down, there is a lot of storage space under the bed.

For more information about these vans, log on to their website

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