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New ideas from Germany!

The Sealander More of a tiny ‘flexible caravan’ than a camper, the Sealander offers something the other trailers on this list all lack—seaworthiness. If you’re camping near a body of water, you can drive the two-person Sealander down to the lake or river, where, because of an outboard engine, it can actually be used as […]

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legend trackline
Trackline by Legend Caravans

Trackline is one of the five models built by Legend Caravans who starting building caravans in 2008. In that short time, they have built a reputation of delivering everything they promised plus more! The Trackline is very strong, yet light, because it uses the monocoque construction system where all the individual parts combine to create […]

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Top tip: Is your ball coupling legal? Or do you need another style?

As rigs increase in size, Paul from AL-KO reminds us of an important legal measurement relating to ball couplings.  

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New Age Caravans Melbourne bonus fridge & generator packs boost comfort at camp

New Age Caravans Melbourne has set its sights on campsite comforts this summer offering a bonus Generator Pack or Fridge Pack with every caravan sold. Valued at more than $2,000, each bonus gift pack comprises a Fusion Marine Stereo, Purpleline Anti-theft kit and two Pico foldable armchairs. Plus a Briggs & Stratton 2.2KVA generator—or a […]

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Owning a diesel vehicle

Looking to invest in a diesel vehicle? They’re great caravanning companions as they often pack sufficient grunt to accelerate under load. But if you’ve never owned one before, it’s important to understand they require specific care. Fuel efficiency and emissions control add complexity to these high-pressure systems. Thankfully, a few useful habits and some considered […]

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Cruisemaster launch their Youtube Cruisemaster Class Channel

Seeking top touring tune-up tips? Search and subscribe to CruisemasterClass on Youtube for the latest advice from one of Australia’s finest caravan and camper trailer aftermarket specialists. By following advice and step-by-step instructions, over-landers and enthusiasts running Cruisemaster gear can now safely optimise their rig, leveraging top RV industry engineering expertise. “We have already seen special guests […]

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