Elite Murray Series 2


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Vehicle Details

  • Location: New South Wales
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: N/A
  • Model: Murray Series 2
  • Registration: LM1952
  • Registration Expiry - Month: April
  • Registration Expiry - Year: 2020


SadlyŒæ time to down size.This van is as new. 25’2.The options factory fitted are too numerous to list. Please feel free to contact for the options list.Œæ Atm:3500.Œæ Œæ Œæ ŒæGtm:3240.Œæ Œæ Tare: 3080.Œæ Œæ Ball: 260.Œæ ŒæManuf: 3/17Œæ Œæ ŒæChasis # : EC 21030.Œæ Œæ Œæ

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