Camprite Offroad Camper Trailer TL8s


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Vehicle Details

  • Location: New South Wales
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: N/A
  • Model: TL8s
  • Registration: TC17AI
  • Registration Expiry - Month: September
  • Registration Expiry - Year: 2019


The Ultimate Off-road Family Camper Trailer.

Great Condition

Solid build Made in Western Australia By Camprite Australia

Popular for off grid camping and touring.

We did one major trip back in 2008 visiting remote places across Australia. Selling due to other commitments.ξ Suit a family that loves to take off on 4WD adventures.ξ Store everything in your camper ready for your next trip. Just load your fridge and a bag of clothes and your ready to go.

Super quick set up and pack up too, especially for the overnight set up. With our family of 5, we had extra bed linen, towels and toiletries stored in the camper at all times.ξ We also stored all our kitchen wares, table, chairs, torches,ξ laundry needs, ropes and Dutch oven pots in the camper so that you forget nothing.

Stainless steel kitchen (This is a factory upgrade)

Fridge freezer

Sleeps 4 but can accommodate 6

Everyone sleeps off the ground

Very comfortable

Heaps of storage, inside and out.

Camper packs up with beds made up, so at your next set up your camper is completely ready. This is fantastic after a long days drive.

Two water tanks, two gas bottles.

Kitchen sink and stainless steel three burner stove.

Easy to access kitchen and fridge when stopping on side of road for a break.

Comes with full enclosed annex and Solar blanket as well as a smaller annex and one side wall/wind break for quick setups.

It has a lot of other features and extras, such as solar panel, mesh flooring for inside of annex.

On Roof storage for poles and fishing rods.

Has always been stored in garage.

Guaranteed real off road experience in style. Can carry bicycles, chainsaws or yachts easy.ξ Other attachments and features are available from Camp-rite.

Watch the stress free, easy setup process on Camprite website or Facebook page. Become a part of the Camprite community to share experiences and ideas.

Explore the remote places in Australia in comfort and accessibility.

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