Camper Trailer 4×4


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Vehicle Details

  • Location: Victoria
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ezytrail
  • Model: Lincoln LX MK2
  • Berth: 6
  • Registration: Y14945
  • Registration Expiry - Month: December
  • Registration Expiry - Year: 2020


Massive price drop!!!

Selling our Lincoln LX MK2. GOLD. Has been very reliable and easy to tow. Selling as we have no room to store it and don’t get the opportunity to use it.

It’s done 4 trips and only on bitumen. Caravan parks only. Has been stored under a tarp.

Has general signs of use. No damage to either the trailer or tent. Comes with a full annex and shower room add on. Hot water service included with shower head.

Refer to easytrail website for further details and specs.

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