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Vehicle Details

  • Location: Queensland
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Other
  • Model: ENTRADA
  • Berth: 2
  • Registration Expiry - Month: November
  • Registration Expiry - Year: 2024


We’re selling our Entrada Clay 19.6′ as we’ve ordered a new caravan.  We’ve owned our van from new and only used it 1 or 2 times per year since  purchased.  We only ever travel to places resonably close to home so we haven’t taken it on long distance trips nationally.  Always stored undercover (see photos).  We have heaps more photos available upon request.


Our Entrada Clay layout has a club-style dinette on the right side and a kitchen bench along the left side. It has grey gloss panels for all the doors and marble-look finish for the kitchen splashback and benchtops.


The bedroom has an island bed, side wardrobes, overhead lockers and lower drawer and cabinets. Small partitions on both sides also act as the back boards for diagonal corner cupboards. The left side cupboard is full-height, while the right side is half-height with a swivel arm-mounted TV filling the air space. Neither gets in the way of manoeuvring around the bed and, of course, the TV can be swivelled around so it can be seen from the dinette.


A good-sized kitchen, which features plenty of drawers and cupboards, along with two wire basket slide-out pantries and several overhead lockers. It has a Swift 500 Series 3-way stove/oven with grill, which leaves a huge amount of benchtop space around the angled stainless steel sink and recessed four-burner cooktop. Microwave oven is situated at head-height. On the opposite side of the van, the 181L Thetford three-way fridge and freezer fits in between the bathroom and dinette.


The bathroom is full width at the rear of the van and is well equipped with a separate shower cubicle, right side cassette toilet and an extensive vanity cabinet with the wash basin offset to the left to make space for the Lemair 2.2kg top-loading under-bench washing machine on the right. The shower comes with a moulding that includes a bottle shelf and a footrest.

The Entrada Clay has a DuraGal chassis and timber-framed/aluminium-clad body.


We’re selling our van complete with :

* full-size outdoor flooring/mat;

* full custom-made annexe;

* new outdoor awning system;

* water hose;

* drainage hose

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