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Offline Campers Domino

Offline Campers
South Australia
Camper Trailer


The DOMINO features a shorter floor on the same compact towing length but allows the bed to be accessed without setting up. Well suited to a couple or small family who want the fastest setup time and the luxury they desire.

Floor length: 2000mm

Towing length: 5070mm

Height: 2350mm*

Width:  1800mm

Tare weight: 1200kg*

*(Option dependant)


Built on the same base as the Raker but offering full access in two modes, travel mode and camp mode. Perfect for couples or small families that want both quick access and generous space.

In travel mode, the bed and internal storage can be accessed through the rear doors, perfect for one night stops or those ‘no set-up’ days.

Transitioning from travel to camp mode is fully electric and gives you two metres of interior floor space.

Fully manufactured and assembled in Australia with the Australian outback in mind, the Domino is feature packed with everything you’ll need for a quick getaway or lengthy retreat into the country.

Starting from AUD $64,400

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