JB Caravans Sydney



The company manufactures all aspect of the build in their impressive facility in Campbellfield, this gives them the unique selling proposition of being able to produce the highest quality build whilst maintaining pricing affordability. JB Caravans pride themselves in being able to listen and learn from prospective caravan buyers about want they want or envision in a modern caravan. JB Caravans has achieved this by consistently improving their build process and keeping up to date with the latest construction methods.

JB is looking to expand their facilities and product offering and they intend on doing this through the acquisition of the latest machinery and technological advancements. The company direction has been guided by their Director who believes that they have been able to grow and improve their product offering to now offer one of the highest quality caravans in the Australian caravan industry.

JB Caravans pride themselves in providing the highest quality workmanship, they have a very skilled workforce with many years of caravan manufacturing experience between them. Incorporating a flow through process each caravan is assembled piece by piece to maintain their process of rigid quality control. With their Director leading all forward planning and R & D, premium caravan craftsmanship is demonstrated in every caravan that leaves the production floor. At the end of every stage of the production line quality control procedures are in place to ensure the customer has peace of mind. At the chassis stage for example trained workers will assess the product using strict guidelines before continuing with the build, this maintains a consistency in their product range as well as ensuring every component of the caravan is faultlessly installed.

The company feels that a strong affiliation with the community is imperative and because of this they have a well-rounded social program donating to organisations such as The Blue Light foundation and Women in Policing. JB Caravans displays a passion for the industry that is not seen amongst many manufacturers they work tirelessly to produce a product that exudes durability, reliability and affordability.

With all factors of design and manufacturer as well as componentry produced internally, customers can be emphatically assured that the JB team has their safety and best interests in mind.

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