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Zone RVs guide to buying your next Caravan

Combining a world of experience and passion, It’s no secret Zone RV are one of the best in the industry. Zone RV also understand buying your next caravan can be a daunting experience, thats why they have put together some key thought-starters to help with your decision-making process.

Tow Vehicle: Your vehicle’s towing capabilities will determine which caravan you can purchase.

Intended travel purpose: It’s always important to think about what type of travel you will be doing in your caravan. Knowing if you will be taking a long outback journey or a short weekend trip to the coast will help you decide what specifications your caravan must have. Always communicate your intended travel to your caravan manufacturer representative, they will guide you in the right direction.

Build time and delivery dates: Always take into consideration how long it will take to build your caravan.

Size: Determined by the towing capacity of your vehicle, then who you intend on caravanning with. Are you a young family? or travelling with your partner? These answers will help you narrow down the right caravan.

Interiors: The interior style of your caravan is a reflection of your personality, so take your time and have some fun with it.

News, Reviews and Research: Look for a second opinion. See what the industry professionals think. Research Research Research.

Service and Warranty: The service should never end once you pick up your caravan. The team at Zone RV encourage regular communication between themselves and their customers. Check the warranty, you will travel with peace of mind if you know your manufacturer has a nationwide network of service agents.

For more tips on your next caravan purchase check out the Zone RVs Buyers Guide here!

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