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Van Cruiser Shotgun – The Swiss Army Knife of Camper Trailers

Inspired by a trip up to Cape Yorke, Van Cruiser Caravans have created the Van Cruiser Shotgun Camper Trailer. The Van Cruiser Shotgun is designed to be taken off-road, being made clear span across the bottom of the camper trailer. This means that the water tanks and other items usually stored underneath the camper trailer are now stored internally leaving nothing but chassis and suspension underneath the camper trailer.

The Van Cruiser Shotgun Camper Trailer even sits on a 6 inch caravan chassis, giving it better clearance and making it more durable. The Van Cruiser Shotgun is even constructed using a compartmentalised design, meaning every item from your chairs, tables and fridges have their own storage compartment.

The Van Cruiser Shotgun is truly the swiss army knife or camper trailers.

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For more information visit the Van Cruiser website.

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