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Vacationer Caravans Release the 2019 Road Tracker HR

Vacationer Caravans launched their first caravans in 2010, but the experience and knowledge that was behind the launch goes back over 30 years. Aidan and Maree Saggers, the owners of 7th Street Caravans in Boolaroo, NSW, wanted a brand of caravans that really did deliver what caravanners wanted. And if you have been selling them for 30 years you know the questions, the needs and the wants of potential customers.

In 2017 Vacationer Caravans moved into their factory in Campbellfield, Victoria. Once again they drew on their depth of knowledge and Matthew Simpson’s knowledge of manufacture to design and build a Vacationer manufacturing plant.

Each year they look at their range of caravans, and the new ideas and technology that is available and update their models to give their customers the best possible Vacationer caravan to take on a vacation. 

One of the great models in the Vacationer line has been the Road Tracker. In 2019, Vacationer are proud to introduce Road Tracker’s big brother, the Road Tracker High Rider.

There are nine layouts in the Road Tracker HR family, beginning with the 18C model through to the 226R. Each one has something special in the layout, from a club lounge, to bunk beds, but they all share the one commitment to quality.

Vacationer start off with a super gal chassis with a 4”riser and straight axle rocker suspension and a 6” A frame. All models have 2x95L water tanks fitted as standard and some models have the added protection of galvanised guards fitted.

The front is protected with high checker plate, which is continued at a height of 600mm down the sides of the caravan which blends extremely well with the smooth composite finish. There is a bumper bar at the rear which holds the spare tyre.

To find out more about the 2019 Road Tracker HR, check out the full article in Issue 28 of the What’s Up Downunder digital magazine and visit Vacationer’s website for their full range.

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