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Lotus announcing a new 5-Year Structural Warranty

Lotus Caravans are proud to announce that all new 2018 models are now backed by a 5-year Structural Warranty.

From the onset, Lotus Caravans has been committed to designing and manufacturing top-of-the-range caravans equipped to handle the rough, Australian conditions, and now they’re backing that commitment with their promise of a 5-year Structural Warranty.

Lotus Caravan’s are confident in the quality of their products because they use the only best products in the market form leading suppliers in the industry and want their customers to share that confidence, knowing that they’ll be covered in the unlikely event that their van’s structural integrity should become compromised.

Lotus Caravans are also accredited by RVMAP, the official accreditation key of the caravan industry. The RVMAP accreditation key is a symbol of a manufacturer’s commitment to consistently build and supply quality products that adhere to all relevant Australian design rules, regulations and standards.

From the all-important chassis to the tiniest screws, you can guarantee that every aspect of Lotus Caravan’s manufacturing process is tightly monitored with rigorous quality control taking place at each stage. The goal is to provide you with a custom-built caravan that will keep you happily touring around the country while making unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Find your local dealer today to learn more about the all new 2018 range.

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