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Diesel particulate filter care

Did you know that stop-start driving can affect the emissions filter fitted to your diesel’s exhaust system?

That’s because these Diesel Particulate Filters require heat from sustained driving to ‘passively’ self clean. Many modern diesels will mimic driving conditions to bring on this process if they sense excessive residue, but will only do so where safe.

At this point in time, your vehicle may issue an alert advising you what to do next.


To keep the Diesel Particulate Filter well maintained, Jeep says owners follow the instructions noted in the ‘DPF full’ message, if it appears in their instrument cluster.

It is important to note that the message itself is not an issue and doesn’t mean the DPF is blocked – it is simply a warning to prevent it being blocked.

If the advice in the instrument cluster is not followed, and the vehicle is not run out over 60kms an hour on a freeway, the vehicle can go into limp mode, after which it will need to be taken to a dealer for manual regeneration. All of this information can be found in the Jeep Owners Manual.

If a Jeep customer is experiencing any issues, Jeep recommends the customer bring the vehicle into their local Jeep dealer.

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