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Cruisemaster launch their Youtube Cruisemaster Class Channel

Seeking top touring tune-up tips? Search and subscribe to CruisemasterClass on Youtube for the latest advice from one of Australia’s finest caravan and camper trailer aftermarket specialists.

By following advice and step-by-step instructions, over-landers and enthusiasts running Cruisemaster gear can now safely optimise their rig, leveraging top RV industry engineering expertise.

“We have already seen special guests joining the series to give their expert insights on topics and there looks to be much more planned for the series,” says Cruisemaster spokesperson Nathan Smith.


Cruisemaster launches its series with Trailer Brake Adjustment, where host Andrew Goddard explains how electric drum brakes work and how to adjust Cruisemaster All-Terrain Electric Brakes to the safest, most effective settings on your camper trailer or caravan.

In episode two, Airbags with Airbag Man, special guests Ben and Jacob from Airbag Man join Andrew to discuss all things airbags. Long-term tourers learn why choosing the right airbags matter, and why Cruisemaster recommends Airbag Man.

Suspension ride height is covered in episode three, equipping caravanners and camper trailer enthusiasts tips on adjusting suspension for optimal clearance and performance on their rig. The episode focuses on the ATX airbag suspensions but there’s plenty here for those running TX airbag suspension as well.


Cruisemaster supplies parts to caravan and camper trailer industry, with New Age, JB Caravans, Zone RV, Sunland, Patriot, LifestyleCampers, Trackabout, Rhinomax among those fitting Cruisemaster gear.

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