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Avida Birdsville C7444 SL

Avida birdsville c7444 sl

The 2018 Birdsville was a delightful motorhome, well laid out with everything you wanted, looked great and sat on a Fiat chassis. But then Fiat increased the weight that that sized chassis could carry, and Avida just went from there.

Anything and everything was looked at, no matter how big or small. Was there a better one, a better way, a newer look, a different model/material/design. It was all up for review, and what a result.

The Avida Birdsville C7444SL now comes with a generous slide out, which adds so much room without increasing the length or changing the fact that you still just need a standard car license to drive it. The slide out is home to the café bar seating and the east/west queen bed.

To find out more about Avida’s Birsdville, continuing reading in our March issue of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.

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