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Ark’s fast setup jockey wheel unveiled

Ark’s fast setup jockey wheel unveiled

In the pipeline and on display at the Victorian Supershow is a nifty take on Ark’s popular XO Extreme Off Road 500 jockey wheel.
This new, unreleased variation reduces set-up time by riding upright and parallel to the caravan rather than along the a-frame. A quick release lock lets you freely raise the jockey wheel by hand, before locking it securely in place once the wheels hit the ground.
You can then raise the a-frame up to vehicle’s hitch using the same side-winding magnetic removable handle seen on other ARK XO jockey wheels.
And like all Ark XO jockey wheels, it features a two wheel set-up with tread to increase grip over variable terrain.
This pre-release jockey wheel sat alongside the new Black Series version of popular ARK XO Extreme Off Road Jockey Wheel 750.

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