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A prototype Camper Van from Germany

Hammock-topped Cliff 4×4 Adventure camper van opens the floodgates of adrenaline junkies.

Germany’s Sunlight makes camper vans for outdoor adventure. Its marketing materials and social media are loaded with photos of vans hauling gear against backdrops of big waves, toothy peaks and rushing rapids.

The Hymer Group brand cranks the action level up a few notches with the Cliff 4×4 Adventure Van, a concept camper that supports bikers, skiers, climbers, surfers and other escapists, with climbing wall-style roof access, a rooftop wakeboarding winch, inflatable boards that work as extra beds, and a gear-storage system that doubles as a roof-mount hammock stand. This might just be the most fun van on road, dirt or snow.

Let Henry take you through this amazing van. Be warned – Henry is very enthusiastic.

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