Box Trailer 7×5 Weekend Warrior

Vehicle Details

  • Location: QueenslandWestern Australia
  • Condition: New
  • Make: N/A
  • Model: 7x5 WW

Vehicle Description

7×5 Weekend Warrior
Size:  2200x1520x300 (Internal)
Finish: Fully welded then Galvanised
Springs: 5 leaf Shackle greasable
Rating: 750 kgs ATM
Drawbar: 1200mm long 75x50x3mm RHS
Body: Drop Down Front & Rear Gates
Body: Tilting plus 4 off HD Tie Downs
Chassis: Fully Welded 50x50x2.5mm SHS
Flooring: 2.0mm Steel (folded with sides)
Side panels: 300mm high (folded with floor)
Mudguards : Multi folded edges
Jockey Wheel: 6″ Swing Up
Tyres/Rims: New 165/70Rx13 Black Sunraysia
Axle: 40mm Square Solid K1040 steel
Hubs 5 Stud Ford with SL Bearings
Lights: LED lights with wired earth
Spare Wheel: Additional Cost – $140
275kg Tare
(600mm High) $1590

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