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Begin your new adventure!

The CRX Forerunner range by Design RV is an ideal option for modern and adventurous travellers seeking a memorable journey. If you’re tired of regular roads and looking for semi-off-road adventures, the CRX range seems like a great fit, allowing you to take on challenges like corrugations while maintaining a stylish travel experience.

In a conversation between Robbie from “What’s Up Downunder” and Josh Crawford from Design RV, they delve into the details of the CRX 210-F Van, discussing its features, capabilities, and design elements that make it a cool choice for travellers.

This Van comes equipped with four Independent Suspensions which allows you to take it to any corrugated roads or even down to the Beach.

Design RV has spent years designing and perfecting this range to bring you the most comfortable and affordable travel experience available on the market today. This modern range has been fitted with A/C, an entertainment system, TV, microwave and other high end appliances. Each caravan comes furnished with an ensuite, shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen, and a spacious layout design.

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One of the features that lets you stay Off grid for longer is the Lithium Batteries. This van Comes powered with 2 Lithium batteries and also Solar.


To know more about this Van and others in the Design RV range, Watch the Video OR head to their website

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