Carlon’s Caravans

Purchasing a superior quality caravan will prove to be the best option for mitigating your travelling dreams.
Moreover, if you have a personal interest in travelling to cities in a caravan, Carlons is your premier destination. We are more then equipped to provide an end to end solution including:

  • 4WD Caravans
  • Single and dual axle caravans
  • Used Vehicles
  • Bunked caravans
  • Full integrated living areas including beds, separate toilet/shower, Wifi, External power, solar, air con, fridge, range hood, oven

At Carlons, you are going to get a fantastic range of caravans that will come to convince at a great value price. Providing best customer service is our aim, and we cater to their requirements and back up our stock with warranties*.

Plus our facilities;

Over 45 new and used Caravans onsite.
Huge parts and service division for all caravan brands and year models.
Mechanic on site with fully operational workshop for cars and caravans.
Over 30 years experience.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced staff.