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The compact OPUS OP4 featuring an inflatable tent is easy to set-up, stow and tow off-road.

Jamie Hazelden is putting the OPUS OP4 through its paces on the CAOS Tough Tested Speed trail, and judging by the smile on his face, he looks like he’s pretty excited about it! The OPUS is an ideal family camper, light enough to be towed by most family sized cars or four-wheel drives. Made using composite materials, it’s super light-weight, yet still strong enough to handle the tough stuff. We saw this in action as it blitzed around the track. Watching Jaime take this camper around the track, he looked like he was having way too much fun!

Great clearance

Onto the Mega Test Track and with Adam Chojnacki from Opus behind the wheel of the mighty

Silverado. The Opus has an adequate 310mm of ground clearance, this is more than most standard 4WDs and what really helped it through the obstacles here. This towing vehicle, coupled to the camper with a DO35 off road hitch, pulled it through the track with ease, however, even the independent coil spring off-road suspension of the Opus couldn’t help when it was piloted into a big wombat hole.

Adam did manage to crawl the Silverado and Opus out without too much hassle, but it did cost him valuable time. The quad shock absorbers certainly helped the opus along the rest of the track and it did well in the soft sand which put the Opus in good stead! It looked like Adam too, had a great time on the track. Maybe that’s what towing the Opus does to you!

Up it goes!

The Opus OP4 is set up for the off-grid, off-road camper life. It’s designed to keep you out there for longer whilst also having a quick and easy setup. And nothing gets quicker and easier when there’s no poles to put up. Instead, it is equipped with all air bladder technology which goes up at the push of a button. How good is that?! With soft double beds, plush leatherette seating and a fully-functional kitchenette it has enough room for the whole family.

Equipped with two 4.5 kg gas bottle holders, two 80L water tanks including a 12v pump to make it easier along with two 20L Jerry can holders, this is enough to see you stay off grid for an extended stay.

opus op4 low 81
Opus Op4

The main tent, made of 340g Micro-Weave Polycotton and with Water-proof and UV Protected Tropical Roof included, should prove to be durable. Along with the fully inflatable annex, made from 300g material, fully enclosed with floor, you will have a massive area that’s contained and sheltered from the weather. It’s also just as easy to put up as the camper.


With campers trailers now hitting our CAOS Tough Tested 2022 tracks, we’re starting to see some game-changing results. Indeed, the OPUS OP4 delivered Jamie’s fastest around the Time Trial Track so far. Despite the kudos, Jamie lost Adam’s ear up at the wombat holes–putting the Silverado LT Trail Boss in a sticky spot. A few wise words and Adam walked through it, with the OP4’s high clearance and Trail Boss’s low gearing power helping out. Taking more on board and barely encumbered by the lithe OP4, Adam clawed back time on the Dirt Speed Track, Sand Trap and Hill Climb–was it enough and what were the judges’ thoughts?

opus op4 low 121
Opus Op4


Adam Chojnacki

A camping enthusiast and Purple Line sales executive, Adam is passionate about ‘research’ making him the perfect candidate for off-road schooling on our Mega Test Track. Jamie had gems aplenty. Did he take it on board?


Challenge                                 Penalties          TIME (tot)

TIME TRIAL                                                      1:13

TEST TRACK                          +00:30s            8:56


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